Cardinex  BV
Inspections & Expediting Services



Our Inspection Services covers 3 different areas:

Vendor inspection

Our Inspectors ensure by appropriate checks and tests, that the products ordered by our clients are manufactured and supplied strictly in accordance with the specified requirements and applicable codes and practices.

Vendor Inspection details:

Cardinex BV  have an extensive network of qualified and experienced inspectors who are selected for individual assignments and offered to our clients for approval only after due consideration of their qualifications and experience relative to the product to be inspected, their proximity to the location of manufacture, and their availability. It is worth emphasising that our selection process is based on the right inspector.

Detailed reports are electronically issued within 24 hours of each visit dependant on world time differences at the location of supply relative to the client, and will contain the degree of detail necessary to enable the client to fully appreciate the results of the inspection and all activities taken by the inspector. 

Reports will be supported as appropriate by attached documents and photographs to enhance the findings, and to demonstrate conformance or failure.
In case of any problems during the inspection a Flash report will be issued in advance of the Inspection Report.
If possible due to the time difference Client will be contacted directly by telephone.
Irrespective, a Non-Conformance Report or other method of notification as directed by the client will be issued clearly detailing the situation and corrective action required to be taken.

In essence the following inspection stages can be attended as instructed by the client: 

Attendance or performance of Pre-Inspection Meetings. 

To ensure that the supplier is aware and in receipt of all client requirements, can satisfy the same or has any objections, has the capability and capacity to manufacture the product to the specified quality requirements, and deliver on time. 

Prescribed Stage Inspection/Tests

To verify that the subject product conforms to requirements relative to the stage of manufacture reached.

Stem & Bonnet 16" Shut Down Ball Valve                                                                                   

Factory Acceptance Tests

To verify by testing that the finished assembled product complies in respect to its performance output when compared to the requirements in the specification data.

Actuator assembled on 16" shut Down Ball Valve ready for FAT
Final Inspections

To conduct all inspections as necessary to confirm that the finished product complies to requirements, typically including visual and dimensional checks, paint (type, colour and thickness), marking / identification / tagging, protective treatment, and document review of material used in manufacture.

Dimensional check on profiles                                                  
Packing Inspections

Ensuring that the product is packed according to requirements inclusive of the packing materials used, general protection, and sealing of open pipe work and nozzles etc, and clear destination and utilisation of standardized shipping markings as appropriate. 

Desuperheater properly fixated

To ensure that the product is lifted, loaded and secured correctly on the transport/vessel to avoid damage and safe passage during transit, and that the correct paperwork is raised and approved accordingly. 
Loading of crates on truck  
Assembled Rotor with 8 ea. Impellers.
Dimensional Check on pipe
Loading of steel pipes on truck