Cardinex  BV
Inspections & Expediting Services


Our service definition is that our expeditors comprehensively evaluate the supplier's production activities to ensure that our client delivery requirements will be achieved, and to assist in identifying potential problems or delays in the process at the earliest possible point with a view to establishing remedial actions with the supplier to return any slippage back to program.
Cardinex BV  have an extensive network of experienced expeditors located close to major manufacturing locations worldwide. The expeditors are selected for individual assignments on the basis of their relative equipment and supplier experience, and their skill in production planning and manufacturing processes.

Detailed reports are electronically issued within 24 hours of each visit dependant on world time differences at the location of supply relative to the client, and will contain the degree of detail necessary to enable the client to fully understand the status of production at that time, and any definite or potential constraints affecting the progress.

True expediting is somewhat dynamic in respect to the extent of evaluations to be made, and very much subject to findings discovered and situations presented during the exercise. In essence, the following rudimentary areas of activity are evaluated.

Checking what documents (drawings, data sheets, and calculations etc.) have to be submitted to the client for approval, establishing the dates for these submissions, and determining the respective progress made by the supplier. Equally important is establishing the dates required by the supplier for approval of these documents, to ensure there is no delay in associated procurement of materials or placement of sub-orders .

Establishing with the supplier which material is to be provided from stock, and which is to be bought from outside sources. Identify all vital/long lead materials and where these are being purchased from. Ensure that delivery dates have been confirmed, and are commensurate with the suppliers own Production programme for overall supply to the client. Confirm directly receipt of materials, ensuring that 'goods inwards' inspection has been completed and satisfactory results obtained.

Review the suppliers Production Programme to ensure the published delivery date is the same or better than the clients contractual requirements. Establish and compare the status of manufacture on each visit against the Production Programme, highlighting any discrepancies and determining and agreeing appropriate action for resolution. Make specific judgments and recommendations accordingly
Establish dates for inspection points, identifying as appropriate related Test Areas, or specific equipment to be employed, and ensure this arrangement has been formally notified to the client.
Ensure that the extent of packing is understood and appropriate planning made together with related inspection and release. Confirm mode of transport and pick-up/delivery dates are established. Confirm all related shipping documentation is prepared and associated clearance received.